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This Research was conducted to determine the effect of ethanol extract from red chilli (Capsicum annuum L)in lowering blood glucose levels of hyperglycemic male white mices. This study used 30 malewhitemices and divided into 6 groups: negative control group, the positive control group, the treatmentgroup withdosage of 200 mg / kgweight, 400 mg / kgwieght, 600 mg / kg weight and a comparison group with glibenclamide with dosage of 5 mg / kgweightadministered orally for 21 days. The level of fasting blood glucose was checked 6 days after dexamethasone induced, and after the ethanol extract of red chilies on day 7th, 14th, and 21st. The data was analyzed statistically with one –way and two-way Anova by usingSPSS16 program and proceed with the test Duncan to look the significant difference between treatments. The results showed that the ethanol extract from red chilies with a dosage of 200mg / kgweight, 400mg / kgweight, 600 mg / kgweight showed the effect in lowering blood sugar levels in male white mices hyperglycemia significantly (p <0.05). The duration ethanol extract of red chili affected blood glucose levels. The most effective duration in lowering blood glucose levels is the administration of a preparation within 21 days.

Kata Kunci

Capsicum annuum L., hyperglycemic, blood glucose,dexamethasone induced


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36434/scientia.v9i1.221


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