Background: Bronchopneumonia commonly occur as life threatening pneumonia manifestation in children. Antibiotics are frequently prescribed to treat bronchopneumonia. Inappropriate antibiotics usage can lead to bacterial resistance and inadequate treatments outcome. This study aimed to observe the appropriateness of antibiotics prescribed to outpatients children and adolescence bronchopneumonia.

Methods: Antibiotic prescriptions during 2016 at a Hospital in Bangkalan for outpatients children and adolescence age 0-14 y.o suffered from bronchopneumonia were asessed retrospectively for its appropriateness against British Thoracic Society guidelines through Gyssens Algorithm.

Results: There were 101 prescriptions for treating outpatients with broncopneumonia aged 0-14 y.o.. Of these, a total of 69 antibiotic prescriptions were included in this study. The most common prescribed antibiotics in the treatments were cephalosporins group and all of which were applied for empirical purposes. Of the 69 prescriptions analyzed, only 5 (7,25%) prescriptions were assessed as appropriate. All of inappropriate use of antibiotics was in the form of wrong drug of choice (100.00%).

Conclusion: Based on these results, related to the high of antibiotic prescriptions inappropriateness in Bronchopneumonia outpatients treatments, an improvement action in antibiotic prescribing to prevent antibiotic-associated problems like unnecessary adverse effects, treatment failure and bacterial resistance still need to be developed.

Key words: Antibiotics, Bronchopneumonia, Gyssen algorithm, Children, Adolescence

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Key words: Antibiotics, Bronchopneumonia, Gyssen algorithm, Children, Adolescence.

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